Welcome to my world of vintage.  This is not a corporate store.  This is not a Fortune 500 run enterprise.  Polly Esthers Closet started as one lady with a knack for finding wonderful vintage items.  So many items I managed to fill up a large warehouse and now work with TV and Film productions on wardrobe and costumes as Third Coast Costumes. But that just wasn't enough.  I needed to get these wonderful vintage pieces into the hands of people who love and appreciate vintage as much as I do. 

I want my pieces to go live all over the world.  I want my pieces to get into the hands of people who will wear them out to parties. A gown that went to a cocktail party in 1964 has so much to say.   It has hung in a closet for 50 years.  It is time for it to get out and PARTY!!!!  Going on a job interview and you want a power suit?  Why dress trendy when you can dress classic? A perfectly tailored suit from 1944 wraps you in confidence and you just know you look good.  Remember...Classic doesn't scream.  It whispers.

Bringing pieces to the online world is a labor of love.  Every piece is hand selected, inspected and repaired and is ready to leave and find its new forever closet.  Bookmark us and visit often.  You will always find something new.  This is not an assembly line production.  One person, one camera, one tape measure, one computer, one item at a time. Looking for something particular?  Drop me a note.  There is a good chance I have it in stock but it just hasn't been listed yet. 

How to Navigate: 

Polly Esthers Closet is all things apparel and accessory.  Think of us as your personal shopper for all vintage clothing. 
All decades, all eras, all sizes...with tens of thousands of items on hand we have a big task ahead of us.  Let us know what you want. The store specializes in 1970's-1990's.  Prior decades are in limited quantity and are brought out by request only.  
Polly Esthers Vintage lets you fill your home and surroundings with pieces from the past.  Kitsch pottery, textiles, home decor...check out our constantly changing inventory.  

Are you a dealer or flea market vendor?  If you need to fill your racks or have a large demand for specific items, then we are building a page just for you.  Buybulkvintage.com will be online sometime 2017.  Until then, if you have a request, message us and we will get back with you.  Prices will be priced PER PIECE and if you are ordering a large quantity, we will be glad to work with you on shipping.  If you are not a dealer we suggest you continue to purchase from our vintage clothing tab.  The pictures we post under BuyBulkVintage will be representative of our selection but we cannot guarantee a specific item. 

If you are a TV or Film production we are building a website just for you, https://www.thirdcoastcostume.com.  The best way to contact us is email at thirdcoastcostume@bellsouth.net.  We can outfit productions of all sizes and eras.  We have the largest selection of law enforcement uniforms in the south. 

Enjoy your time in our store.  We value your patronage and know that you do have a choice of where you buy your vintage.  Let us work with you and earn your trust.  We want you to become a personal part of our vintage world.  And if we can bring the personal touch back into the shopping experience then we have succeeded.